Wiki Rules

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    1. Do not use fonts. Our wiki must look professional, and to achieve that, our pages must look consistent and even.
    2. If you are not sure whether your edit is useful and correct, do not edit the page.
      Do not edit unless you are 100% certain your info is correct.
    3. Do not edit a page to simply edit a BBCode tag. Unless the tag is breaking the page (i.e. formatting) do not edit it.
    4. If your edit gets reverted (in other words, your edit is deleted and the previous edit is used) do not continue making the same edit.
    5. Any pages that are abused (edited for no reason) or contain important information will be locked. To edit these pages, PM a forum moderator with the page name and the edits you would like to do. One of us will either grant you temporary access to the page or make the edits ourselves.
    6. Use common sense.
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