ive been staff for so long your future kids will play minecraft under my moderation
Feb 15, 2002 (Age: 18)


Kyle's Staff History, From Paradise-Network into Edawg878
Paradise-Network Staff History.
[Member] - i was born and came a citizen of PN
[Lapis] - oh hey i won the "schools 2" build contest! ( /warp schools2winner )
===(This is when i got hit by a bus, didnt play minecraft for couple months. Yeah its ironic my name is BusMan215)===
[Trial-Mod] - at the time you needed to be donator rank Gold or higher to apply for staff, and apparently my staff app that could be a chapter in the bible was good enough for me to be staff. Promoted August 26th, 2016.
[Mod] - yay after a month or two i got promoted
[Head-Mod] - oh joy a promotion!
[Admin] - all the other admins sucked at the time so i was appointed
[Banned] - lets just say i made doogie upset and demoted me to [Pro] rank and he ended up banning me
[Pro] - yay doogie unbanned me
[Trial-Mod] - back to the drawing board after one week of being unbanned
[Mod] - yay im a mod again
[Head-Mod] - this is the moment in time where i switched from head-mod to mod like 5 times
[Admin] - yay im admin, oh wait theres ministers though. i basically do nothing except represent my rank since we needed "admins"

[Trial-Mod] - i did something stupid i dont even remember what tbh
[Mod] - 3rd times a charm?
[Head-Mod] - this is now my 6th time being head-mod, ended up getting demoted for a couple minutes because i wasnt visioned as a good head-mod by only one, ended up getting it back
[Mod] - well im back as mod and head-mod is now gone.
[Deputy-PM] - oh hey PlumsForCharisma and I won the PM election
[Mod] - stepped down as Deputy-PM, now back as a moderator
[Junior-Mod] - what the hell is a junior mod a butt pillow for a mod? btw falsely demoted from the decision of a mod and a junior mod
[Mod] - staff finally realized i was falsely demoted. i forgot what round were on now as mod
[Sec-Of-Building] - what the hell is a secretary cant we just call them admins. idek what i had to do for this rank (only this rank for a day)
[Mod] - i was a secretary for a day and then told by josh to focus on campaigning for PM, and not build stuff
[PM] - oh yay i won PM with Mastertrav14 with 45 votes
[Megalord] - fun-time is over. oh well
[Mod] - yay i got appointed
[Sec-Of-Justice] - i actually like this job i wont even lie.
[Mod] - well, back to the old grind stone
[Sec-Of-State] - why am i a secretary i was happy as a mod.
[Sec-Of-Defense] - what the hell is this rank
[Sec-Of-Justice] - yay back to a rank i enjoy
[Sec-Of-State] - half the staff decide to plan to resign on Jan. 1st, someone snitched, doogie got mad and demoted and banned them all. Now im pulling off the one man show and being all the secretary positions.
[Mod] - shoutout to kermit for demoting me for who knows what reason.

[Megalord] - again, why did you fire me kid you didn't even have a good reason
Defense] - majority rules, im back as staff. again what the hell is this rank
[Sec-Of-Staff] - nick i have your job hahahahahaha.
[Admin] - this is when PN slowly starts dying, secretaries were abolished, PM was abolished and [President] and [Vice-President] was slowly created with time and patience. still remained staff manager.

Paradise-Netowork/Edawg878 Staff History
(Note, this period of time is when Doogie started to "get his feet wet" with Edawg)
[Vice-President] - as doogie started to acquire control of edawg, he gave me [Vice-President] and --[President] loafting-- control of PN to manage, slowly leading to the merge of PN into edawg. PN is now known as /c3 on edawg.
[Admin] - while managing PN, doogie made me temporary admin to teach PN's version of /punish, a different version of edawg's current version of /punish.

Edawg878 staff history
[Admin] - as weeks went by, it became more clear i was permanent admin, go me :D. also slowly took it upon myself to put together the "events department" of edawg. Karaoke, Build and Art Competitions were the first three original events.
[Admin] - not much change here, distinguished what each admin's department was. also the creation of sr. mods, which had the same colour brackets as their dept. admin

[Moderator] - 3.5 years later, and im still in a high position of power. as the first US president George Washington did, he passed his power of presidency on. i chose to step down from admin, and pass my admin power on to circulate new power/ideas.
[Moderator] - DAMN look at these shiny blue brackets. decided to get back involved in the department I created, events. This currently brings me here present day.


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