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  1. Terra_Altenate_

    WHat is the objective of the moon?

    I m not sure that this thread should be suggestion or server-related. But I choose random and it points to suggestion. That not the point. Recently, I try /pw and I stumble on /pw space, It takes me and anyone else to the towny-moon. I have no clue of "what is the purpose of the moon?" It has...
  2. Terra_Altenate_

    How to appeal ban or mute (step by step)

    I got ban of x-raying because of this image that I posted in discord. I take this image while power down and the chunks are not solid, I walk around and fall trough block slowly in non solid chunk and I spam F2 for what I see. I only see this side, other sides are not visible. Then Timed Out...
  3. Terra_Altenate_

    The World Edit is too much

    For the past few days, I notice that the W.E lighting system is broken again but this time is worse, /lightingfix and /lightfix commands are gone too. When We use them, " Unknown command. Type "/help" for help " as the result in a chat screen
  4. Terra_Altenate_

    Improve the chat filter and Mute system

    EDawg878 Server has the chat filter that filters rude word , N-word , Server Ads. , ETC. out. But why this happens How did he/she get muted? Why The chat filter let it happen? What did the chat filter do?? I have an answer, The chat filter does NOTHING it only warns you, and it lets his/her...
  5. Terra_Altenate_

    BRING BACK //setbiome [Biome]!!!!!!!!!!

    I Have no clue that Why WE can change ENTIRE plot biome but cannot change some area of your plot into anther biome using world edit? In the past time (4 month ago) We can still use //setbiome it very useful to make different shade of water and folliage