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  1. SqdNia

    I want to hear from YOU!

    What if staff applications were visible to the public? People would be able to read and comment on pending applications, being able to help make their voices heard. This means that the playerbase would be able to have an impact on the people who are managing the playerbase. The staff team...
  2. SqdNia

    [Solved] How thicc is DoogiePC?

    top tier doogie canon
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  4. SqdNia


    Instead of a physical shop, there could be a /shop which would open a GUI?
  5. SqdNia

    Count until a Staff Member Posts! (rebooted)

    Can I go again or is that a no no, if it's cool four
  6. SqdNia

    Colour Change for your name when said in chat

    Whenever someone else says your name in chat, it should highlight the name in a different colour, (which could be customisable) just for you, so that if you are not following the chat you will still see if someone is trying to get your attention.