A new RP!


New member
May 21, 2020
Hi guys! For the past 16 hours, I've been building what I consider one of my best RP's yet. This RP is set in the world of the Hunger Games.
It all starts in my second plot. Upon arrival, I will assign you a district (1-7) and put you through Panem's processing into the train station. From
there, you will take a train to your district. Once everyone has arrived at their districts, we will begin the reaping. Each of you will head to the reaping
center/hall of justice (transportation is provided in your district) and 14 tributes will be selected to compete. These 14 tributes will be
transferred to the arena, where they will fight to the death. This event will be livestreamed, so if you are not picked you may still watch the games
live! I am planning on commencing the RP Saturday May 23 at around 4 PM EST. If you are interested in participating, hop on the server then and
head to my second plot (/p h iicycheese 2).

I'm looking forward to it, I hope you all are too! :))