Nations - A real-time strategy roleplay game.


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Dec 31, 2019
Nations - You've already read the title, so you should know what should be here.

It's a game I made a few weeks back, maybe in November or something, but I don't exactly remember.
Some of you might remember it, some of you might not, probably because I haven't been hosting it for a long time. I'm only making this forum thread so that I can shed some light on this game.

Basically, its a game where you can make your own nation. As the title says, there is roleplay involved.
So, how does the game work?

There is a map with some islands, and you start with a certain amount of land and buildings. There is a block list so everyone knows which block is which.
So, before the game starts, everyone gets to set up their nation while waiting. When everyone is ready, the age length is voted on, which is the time before each age starts. We'll explain ages later.
Once the age length has been decided, the players will be given some time to prepare some music, because why not? After that when the timer runs out or everyone is ready, the game starts.

So, what are are ages?
They're basically like level ups. Once an age starts, you get to research all the technologies related to the buildings/blah blah blah in that specific age.
For example : In the next age you will unlock block set A. It means you can research the technologies related to block set A, but you cannot immediately use them. To use them, you would have to research the block's related technologies first.
If you want to take a look at my game (im currently muted, so i cant host) you can go to my plot. It's a bit confusing, so if you're confused, you can ask me via forums or contact me in discord at _Socialism#7595.

Thanks for reading!
-_Socialism, your local retard