Savannah City - looking for builders!


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May 18, 2020
1.5:1 scale realistic city, based off London.

Help is welcomed on the city! DM me if you would like to help; if you do help I'm using a custom texture pack that I'll link below.

The project will probably begin at the start of July: I need to gain a few more credits to buy 8 plots.
It will be in C1: my IGN is Savannah86 and discord is Savvy#8562
The city will be based off either City of London or Canary Wharf. I'm leaning towards Canary Wharf as I know the area better and it fits my theme better. In conclusion it will be more of a skyscraper-filled city.
I have already built an international airport on my plot and I plan to move certain aspects of that airport to the new plot. This airport should take around 1/4 of the whole city.
Transport links in the city will be through Crossrail, London Underground (Jubilee Line and DLR), and buses.
I will hopefully be on every day from 5am-10am GMT and 2pm-3pm CDT, but this will probably change.

Resource Pack: