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Nov 10, 2019

Staff Guidelines



When a player is given a warning, it is logged on their record for one month. After one month the warn is removed.
If you receive another warning less than one month after that warn, it will automatically increase the
punishment from a warn into a mute, the full list of warning actions is as follows:

1st warn: Logged warning
2nd warn: Mute for 5 minutes
3rd warn: - Mute for 30 minutes
4th warn: Mute for 1 hour
5th warn: Mute for 1 day
6th warn: Mute for 1 week
7th warn: Mute for 9 weeks

List of Server Rules:

Online Punishment Command & Process
Discord Warn Process

Warning/Mute offences:
All offences listed here you will be warned for and if you continue, the warning will automatically turn into a mute.

No Excessive Caps:
/punish (user) caps

When a player is using excessive capitals letters, this should not be punished lightly.
wHaT iS uPpPPPPpppPpPpP?

No Spamming:
/punish (user) spam repeat

!warn (user) spam
!mute (user) 10m
!mute (user) 10m
!mute (user) 60m [3+ warnings]

When a player spams the same message. We would punish if it is said more than 3 times.
Hi there
Hi there
Hi there

No Flooding the Chat:

/punish (user) spam flood.

When players flood random numbers, letters or symbols in the chat.
Counting down, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...etc.
Heeeeeeyyyyyy (Go through with warn process if these letters exceed 6 characters).

No Encouraging Spam:
/punish (user) spam encourage

!warn (user) spam encouragement
!mute (user) 10m
!mute (user) 30m
!mute (user) 60m
Contact admin on 4th+ spam encouragement warning.

When a player encourages global to spam the chat.
Say 123 if you like dogs!

No Swearing or Profanity:
/punish (user) swear
!warn (user) swearing
!mute (user) 10m

When a player swears. This is typically caught in the filter so we do NOT punish when it has not gone through to chat. We punish for this if players swear in either global, local or private message. Most profanity that goes through is by bypassing the filter, which is dealt with by using another command introduced further down. If the whole word gets through, then punish for swearing.

No Bypassing the filter:
/punish (user) bypass filter
!warn (user) bypassing filter
!mute (user) 10m

When players attempt to bypass the swear filter. This includes taking letters out of the word, using an asterisks.

No Inappropriate chat:
/punish (user) inap chat

!mute (user) 10m
!mute (user) 30m
!mute (user) 2h30m
!ban (user)

Whenever a player(s) discuss topics that are considered inappropriate. Ask for them to change the topic. Any further contribution to inappropriate discussion will result in a warn. This can be a verbal warn or logged warn first depending on how inappropriate it seems.
Let's have sex, gamers!

No Controversial topics in chat:
/punish (user) controversial

- No discussion of any controversial topics that might start an argument or debate in global chat. This is to ensure no arguments start in chat. It is up to the staff online to decide if a topic is controversial and you must stop if they ask you to. The way to enforce this is to presume all topics are allowed but if it gets out of hand, verbal warn people to stop. If they ignore and carry on, punish for controversial topics.

No Inappropriate roleplays:

Verbal (ask them to remove the inappropriate contents of the roleplay).
/punish (user) inap roleplay

- Roleplays that contain inappropriate themes such as slavery, culturally or historically insensitive roleplay, sexual roleplays. You can ask staff if you are unsure if a roleplay is inappropriate or not.

No Inappropriate builds:

Verbal (ask them to remove the inappropriate build).
/punish (user) inap build
Report by submitting a ticket on the server discord for an admin to remove.

No builds that depict images of anything considered inappropriate.
Builds containing nudity are not allowed. Historical builds that are made appropriately are allowed, for example a world war 2 destroyer from the Nazi side is allowed but something celebrating nazi's or gruesome depictions of horrific real-life events is not allowed.

No Disrespecting any other players:
/punish (user) disrespect

When a player is disrespecting someone by snapping back and using rude comments. This includes acronyms directed at other players.
You're incredibly stupid
Stfu (username)

No Threatening Behaviour:
/punish (user) threat
Any threatening behaviour, whether it be serious or not, is not tolerated. Use in any "if you do not.... then I will..." situation.
If you don't trust me to your plot, I will leak your personal information.

No Encouraging other players to break the rules:

/punish (user) encourage rule

When players encourage others to break the rules in any circumstance.
There are no staff active! Everyone break the rules, you won't get punished!
I dare you to swear in chat!

No Sharing, distributing or asking for any players or your own personal information:

/punish (user) leak

Use this when players give out any information that should remain private; including addresses, surnames, social media etc. Revealing someone's first name or age is acceptable, given that it is their own or the other player's name is known on their terms. If any private information is given out, punish first then immediately, /clearchat.
RealPlayer01 lives at 1 street in Bobtown
RealPlayer02's real name is Jace Junes.

No Impersonating any staff:
/punish (user) staff impersonate

!mute (user) 60m

Use this when a player is either disguised as a staff member using the impersonator perk or telling players that they are a moderator/admin/owner. Ask the players to remove the disguise if this is the case.

No Telling any lies about other players:
/punish (user) lies

When a player clearly lies and/or attempts to damage another player's reputation.
Everyone! DoogiePC is griefing my plot!
DoogiePC isn't the most handsome

No Inciting drama:
/punish (user) drama

!warn (user) instigating drama
!mute (user) 15m
!mute (user) 30m
!mute (user) 1h [3+ warns]

Use when any two+ players begin to argue in chat and they refuse to drop it, or when a player tries to start drama.
Very closely related to the controversial topics rule but this is used if players are just arguing and causing drama. Punishing for this or controversial topics works fine.

No Toxic Behaviour:
/punish (user) toxic

When players are exhibiting generally toxic behaviour that can take a toll on the community. If you are unsure if someone is being toxic, I recommend using /sc to ask for the opinions of other staff members. This should not be used lightly and is best to be left to the admins to decide. Inform an admin+ to discuss a player you believe to be toxic.
No one asked.
When did I ask?


Muting/Banning offences:
All offences listed here will result in a mute as a minimal punishment. If behaviour continues, it will warrant a ban.

No Racism, Homophobic, Sexism or Prejudice:
/punish (user) racism
!mute (user) 60m racism
!ban (user) 1d racism
!ban (user) 7d racism
Contact admin on 4th+ warning.

This includes when the n-word is used.

/punish (user) homophobic
!mute (user) 60m homophobia

!ban (user) 1d homophobia
!ban (user) 7d homophobia

Contact admin on 4th+ warning.

/punish (user) sexism

!mute (user) 60m sexism
!ban (user) 1d sexism
!ban (user) 7d sexism
Contact admin on 4th+ warning.

Women belong in the kitchen.

/punish (user) prejudice
**PLEASE NOTE: Online, transphobia currently falls under prejudice.**

!mute (user) 10m
!must (user) 60m [2+ warnings]

I hate x group of people.
!mute (user) 60m transphobia
!ban (user) 1d transphobia
!ban (user) 7d transphobia
Contact admin on 4th+ warning

- This kind of behaviour does not belong on EDawg878 and will not be tolerated.

No Bullying other players:

/punish (user) bullying
!ban (user) 1w bullying
Contact admin upon second warning.

When a player/a group of players are targeting an individual with hurtful and hateful words. Bullying can sometimes be hard to differ from disrespect; bullying tends to be ongoing whereas disrespect is not targeted. This is best left for an admin as bullying is usually defined as being done consistently over a period of time.

No Advertising any other server names, realms, IP's, links to any other servers or recruiting players to join your server or asking for other servers:
/punish (user) ads names
!warn (user) ads names
!ban (user) 1d ads names

Let's go play on Hypixel!

/punish (user) ads ip
!ban (user) 1w
The IP is

/punish (user) ads recruit
Does anyone want to join my server?

/punish (user) ads realms
Does anyone want to join my realm?

/punish (user) ads asking
!warn (user) ads asking
!ban (user) 1d ads asking

Does anyone know any good skyblock servers?

Advertising is strictly prohibited in global, local, msg, signs etc.

No Griefing another players plot:
Use /co i to identify who griefed and tell the plot owner to remove them.
Submit a ticket on the server discord including a screenshot of the grief and the plot ID.

- No destroying, ruining, vandalising another player's plot. Moderators do NOT punish for grief.

No Intent to damage the server, crashing or lagging the server or other players:

/punish (user) intent
/punish (user) lag

Doing /lagmachine will disable all redstone on the plot you are on.
Submit a report ticket on the discord so an admin can remove it.

- There is to be no purposeful exploiting of any glitches found on the server (all glitches should be reported immediately). Also no crashing players or making players lag out.

No Inappropriate skins, usernames or builds:

/punish (user) inap skin
/punish (user) inap username

Wearing a vulgar or inappropriate skin on the server or logging in with an inappropriate/insensitive username is not allowed. Allow time for the player to take the opportunity to change it. If they do not, go ahead with the punishment. If a player attempts to join and they are banned for inappropriate username but they clearly don't have an inappropriate username, moderators are permitted to unban them.
SuckBigCocks joined the server.

No Bypassing any punishment given to you:
/punish (user) bypass mute (time of original mute)

- This includes bypassing a mute via signs or building letters using blocks or bypassing a ban with an alternate account. If they are using signs/books etc to ask staff why they got punished, that is permitted and staff can reply.


Discord Offences:
All offences listed here only apply to discord.
No Excessive Hashtags:
!warn (user) hashtags
Use when a player sends through an excessive amount of hashtags. This is quite uncommon.
#########yolo #iamthecoolest #hashtag #hashtagcentral!

No Disobeying Staff:
!warn (user) disobeying staff instruction

If the staff instruction is to drop the drama and it continues, use the drama warn process. Use this when players are ignoring any other instruction from a moderator.

No Playing Music:
!warn (user) playing music in vc + server mute
Recommend moving to the appropriate voice channel to listen to music (singing & songs).

No Singing/Rapping
!warn (user) singing [1+ warnings] + server mute.

Recommend moving to the appropriate voice channel to listen to music (singing & songs).

No Excessive Channel Hopping
!warn (user) channel hopping
!ban (user) 1d channel hopping [2+ warnings]

When players constantly jump between channels without reason.

No Voice Changers
!warn (user) voice changer + server mute [1+ warnings]

When players enable a voice changer when in voice chat.

No Screaming
!warn (user) screaming in VC + server mute [1+ warnings]

When a player screams in voice chat without reason.

No Recording
Verbal (ask them to get permission first)
!ban (user) 10m [1+ warnings]

When a player in voice chat begins recording audio without permission from EVERYONE in the voice chat.
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